Boule Bag


Blue Wheat on Blue Multi Linen
Yellow and Brown Wheat on Antique White Linen
Blue Wheat on Blue Linen
Grey Wheat on Antique White Linen
Brown Wheat on Brown Linen w/ Yellow Top
Brown Wheat on Red Linen w/ Grey Top
Red and Brown Wheat on Antique White Linen w/ Red Top
  • Product Description

      Traditionally, French bread was stored in linen (sac a pain) to hold both the freshness and crust of the baguette. Linen can absorb humidity up to 35% without giving a sensation of wetness. Linen has both heating and cooling qualities. At home the sac a pain has its own place, hanging from a cupboard or doorknob. It quickly becomes part of the household.

      Bread bags are one-of-a-kind or made in pairs, check back often for more choices!

      From a satisfied customer, "I took two baguettes home in the long bag and was amazed at how well it kept them fresh! When I take a baguette home in paper, it's noticeably harder the next day than these were. The other notable was that the bread bag and its contents were "cool" to the touch - a neat surprise."

      Care Instructions: Cold wash with mild soap in washing machine with low spinning option. Hang in the shade to dry or put in dryer on low. Remove it while slightly damp and hand smooth the wrinkles or iron on linen setting.

      Product details:

      • 100% pure linen
      • Approx. 12" x 17" (Size varies)
      • American made
      • 58 grams each (Weight varies)
      • Machine washable
      • Antimicrobial and quick-drying by nature
      • You may use a stain-removal stick. Wash in cool water, tumble dry on low and remove quickly from dryer. Iron if you'd like.

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