Ukraine Relief Tea Towels

Posted on March 08 2022

Ukraine Relief Tea Towels

When Joann Condino created a Peace for Ukraine tea towel series to help with Ukraine relief, she had no idea that demand and support would be so strong.

Three Pines Studios and Gallery is a popular art gallery in Cross Village, Michigan. The gallery is the hub of the tiny village where people and artists gather to talk, learn, and enjoy owner Joann Condino's coffee and Italian cookies.

As the crisis in Ukraine grew more dire and images of people suffering spread across social media, Joann knew she had to do something to help put food and money into the hands of the Ukrainian people.

"My passion is making wood blocked tea towels by hand," stated Joann. "Seeing the images on social media of sunflowers and Ukrainian flags in solidarity, I knew then that the tea towel would become my weapon to fight oppression."

Joann took her art and skill and created two Peace for Ukraine tea towels to sell in her shop and online. The sunflower celebrates the Ukraine national flower, and wheat celebrates a top national product.

"My friends and their friends and their friends are the force that is creating the wave of purchases," said Joann. "We sold out of our entire first run of Peace for Ukraine tea towels in the first few days of sales!"

To help Ukraine relief efforts, 50% of sales are being sent to the World Central Kitchen. The World Central Kitchen is the non-profit founded by Chef Jose Andres. He and his teams are already at several sites on the Ukrainian border serving hot meals to hungry refugees and delivering flour to bakeries in Kiev to bake bread for the people who remain.

On Monday, March 7th, after only three days of tea towel sales, Joann was able to send $3,000 to the World Central Kitchen.

"This is only the beginning of our support for the Ukrainian people," said Joann. "I have so many wonderful people helping me to produce the next run, and we will fill every order that comes in, so please keep ordering from us."

And when they say, "It takes a village," that rings true for this project. People from Cross Village and the surrounding area have volunteered to help package and ship tea towel orders.

If you would like to help, you can purchase Sunflower or Wheat towels online:

Artist Kim Cerrudo has created a Peace for Ukraine fairy which can be purchased at the gallery or through the online shop:

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